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Stop Tracking & advertising across all your devices

Hassle free

What is it?

A device that plugs in to your router and is preconfigured to filter adverts & trackers before they can be downloaded to your home network. This means you get an advert free web experience no matter what device you’re using to browse the web or play a mobile game. It also means companies are unable to track you across the web.

Did you know?

Lots of companies like to track your activities across the internet so they can target advertising to your interests specifically or perhaps charge you more for a flight if thats what you’ve been searching/browsing the web for.  Another example would be if you searched for a trampoline on a search engine you will start to see trampoline adverts from different companies that sell trampolines on completely unrelated websites. Block that tracking out of the box using the same device.

Block Adverts & trackers hassle free

Stop companies tracking you and block adverts across the internet on all your devices in 3 simple steps

Speed up your internet

Ads are blocked before they're downloaded meaning websites, mobile apps and TV shows will load faster and your network will perform better

Block On Demand TV Adverts

Watch all your favourite programs on your SMART TV from start to finish without annoying adverts on catch-up/on demand TV services

Block while on the move

Block adverts and trackers when out and about so you save your mobile data (or that slow cafe Wi-Fi) for the things you really want to browse/watch.
NB: Requires additional set-up that should only be attempted by a confident user. See here for details

Block on any device

Block ads & trackers in non-traditional places such as mobile apps, SMART TVs and IoT devices (smart speakers, fridges etc) regardless of manufacturer or model. Block those annoying in mobile game ads once and for all!


To block adverts & trackers forever

No subscription required!

Block adverts/tracking on all your devices forever – no ongoing costs

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately that’s an impossible task but it will block the majority of known ad serving and tracking domains. Blocklists of ad and tracking domains are constantly curated to ensure that new domains are added as they become known.

Some websites serve ads from their own domain which makes them impossible to block using the method used by the ad blocking sfotware without blocking part of all of the sites functionality eg facebook, instagram, spotify.

If an ad gets through you can block it yourself in the easy to use web interface so next time you don’t see it.

YouTube mostly serves adverts from it’s own domains meaning that if you block those domains you block the content you are trying to view as well.

That said feedback shows that YouTube ads on things like Smart TVs, phones etc are reduced and you may only see one advert at the start of a clip occasionally. If you only watch YouTube in a browser on a laptop/computer then you should install a browser ad blocker such as uBlock Origin.

Yes however as this cannot be pre-configured you will need to go through the mobile blocking setup. While we have prepared a step by step guide the steps to set this up are quite complex and should only be attempted by confident or advanced users.

You can find the mobile blocking setup here

Yes you can block whatever you like using the simple web interface. There are plenty of block lists available for different things such as social media or porn.  For several additional lists see here

Browser plugins can only block on the browser of the computer that they are installed on. Other browsers on the same computer or other laptops/computers need their own plugins installed taking up system resources. 

The Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole is a network level ad blocking solution which means all devices on your network will have ads blocked (e.g. TVs, mobile apps, fridges) regardless of make/model or the software being used. You also have complete control of what gets blocked or let through.

Yes. If you want to build your own from scratch you can do so.  There are plenty of guides available on the internet that show you what you need to purchase and what software you need to install to make it work.

We have built and pre-configured the Raspberry Pi and the ad blocking softeare to work out of the box with minimal set-up for home use.

You can find more information here. has joined

Existing customers can still find Help & Support and Setup on this site.


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