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AcronymFull NameMeaning
DHCPDynamic Host Control ProtocolA piece of software that hands out IP addresses to devices on your network. IP addresses allow internet traffic to be routed to/from the right device
DNSDomain Name SystemDNS is like the phone book of the internet. If you type into a browser your browser has to look up using DNS to get the IP address. The IP address is then used to find where the google servers are so you can view
DDNSDynamic Domain Name SystemDynamic DNS is a service that allows you to use the same web address (e.g. when your IP address could or does change from time to time
IP AddressInternet Protocol AddressAn IP address is a string of numbers assigned to each device on a network/the internet. They are like a street address in the phone book and allow internet traffic to be routed to the right location.

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