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Can I build my own from scratch?

Yes. If you want to build your own from scratch you can do so.  We have built and pre-configured the Raspberry Pi and the ad blocking software to work out of the box with minimal set-up for home use.

To build your own you will need to purchase the following items

  • Raspberry Pi microcomputer
  • Appropriate power supply
  • Network cable
  • MicroSD card
  • Appropriate case
  • MicroSD card adaptor

When you have all of the components you will need to

  • Write a Raspbian OS image to your SD card
  • Configure Raspbian
  • Install and configure the ad blocking software for your network
  • Change your routers DHCP setup

There are plenty of guides available on the web that can help you build your own from scratch.

Existing customers can still find Help & Support and Setup on this site.


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