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Settings breakdown

Upon starting up the first time your ad-blocker will configure itself for your specific home network however there are options that can be changed later if you wish to do so. These settings are found by accessing the ad blocking software dashboard (instructions here) and clicking on Settings. A breakdown of what the settings do is below.

System – Contains information about your set-up. You can also shutdown and reboot the Raspberry Pi if you need to. NB upon reboot your ad-blocker will configure itself again as if you were setting it up for the first time when you received it.  This is handy if you move house or change Internet Service Provider who uses a different network configuration.

Blocklists – This is where you can enable/disable or add additional blocklists. If you make any changes be sure to click Save and Update at the bottom of the page for your changes to take effect.

DNS – Here you can change which DNS provider to use to perform lookup. Initially your DNS is set to your router IP address which in turn will forward the request to an external DNS provider – usually your ISP’s DNS server unless you’ve changed this in the past.
You can change to any provider you wish to however some ISPs use a DNS based filter for their Adult Content Filter/Parental Controls and if you change these settings you may lose internet connectivity.  This is true for BT customers.  If you want to change your DNS provider you will need to log in to your MyBT account and delete the parental controls. NB simply turning off the parental controls is not enough – you need to delete them.

You shouldn’t need to change any of the other settings on the DNS page unless you know what you’re doing!

DHCP – You can set static IP addresses here for your devices if you wish to do so. NB if you turn off DHCP Server Enabled you will need to ensure you have another DHCP server on your home network (usually your router – remember how we disabled your router DHCP server as part of the set-up).  If you do this in order to continue using the ad blocking software to block ads you will need to set your router’s DNS servers to thead blocking software IP address.

API/Web Interface – Under Top Lists you can enter domains or devices (clients) to exclude from the statistics on the main Dashboard.  These will still show in the query log but not on the Dashboard.

Privacy – You can change the level of request logging here.

Teleporter – This is used if you want to back up your settings to transfer to a different installation.



Existing customers can still find Help & Support and Setup on this site.


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